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Preparing For Missions

This is a do-it-yourself Bible study based on a book entitled “Let the Nations Be Glad! - The Supremacy of God in Missions” by John Piper.   There are nine lessons.  We would be delighted to discuss the principles with you further. 

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"God has given us prayer as a wartime walkie-talkie so that we can call headquarters for everything we need as the kingdom of God advances in the world.  Prayer gives us the significance of frontline forces and gives God the glory of a limitless provider.  The one who gives the power gets the glory.  Thus, prayer safeguards the supremacy of God in missions while lining us with endless grace for every need. – John Piper

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Give People The Entire Gospel

The Gospel is inexhaustibly rich and deep.  However, it is also quite simple.  One of the keys to effective evangelism is being able to communicate the entire Gospel is a succinct manner.  There are dozens (probably hundreds) of good tools available.  The Anchor logo is one of them.  The four points on the Anchor represent the four key stages of the Gospel: Creation, Fall, Redemption, and Consummation.  It is simple enough that you can draw it on a napkin with a crayon!  Here are some other effective tools.

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